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TIDE was a regular podcast (2015-2019) from Dai Barnes and Doug Belshaw about education, technology, and everything in between.

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Episode 120: In memory of Dai Barnes


This episode to celebrate the life of Dai Barnes is co-hosted by Doug Belshaw and Eylan Ezekiel, featuring contributions from friends and listeners to the TIDE podcast. A memorial service will be held at Oundle School on 29th September 2019 at 3pm.

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Episode 119: AirDrop Crossfire


This episode, the last that Doug and Dai recorded together, covers formative assessment, the internet-enabled society, inequality making nations poorer, surveillance in schools, adults getting caught up in teenagers’ AirDrop crossfire, and more!

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Episode 118: Raising Digital Citizens


This week, Doug and Dai discuss research in schools, walking long distances, screen time, digital citizenship, tech veganism, fully automated luxury communism, and more!

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Episode 117: A Dramatic Comeback


This week, Dai and Doug discuss why they haven’t released an episode for three months, and everything from Huawei to CBD, and screentime to fadbusting!

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